Catamaran - "All inclusive tour"

If you only have time to do one tour, we highly recommend this one.

This tour is the best "bang for your buck" in the area.
Beside the catamaran and animal experience it includes:

  • 8 Drinks or Cocktails per person
  • Lunch or Dinner freshly made by a cook on board (also for vegans / vegetarians)
  • Fruits & Snacks
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphin and Whale watching (as available)

This tour is family friendly and also disabled friendly!
It is for people between 0 - 99 years.

You will be picked up at your Hotel / Hostel in Manuel Antonio / Quepos area with a free shuttle driving you to the Catamaran at the Port of Quepos.

Activities on board

You will have a lot of fun as it is not just a Catamaran. There are multiple offers on board! The Catamaran is equipped with:

  • a tropical fruit bar, freshly made by a cook on board
  • 2 Jacuzzis for maxium relaxation (big enough for 8 people each)
  • 2 big trampoline nets
  • 2 intertwining water slides
  • multiple snorkeling equipment

Why do we call it the "All inclusive tour"?

When you put your feet on the slowly rocking Catamaran the first time, you will feel the excietment.

You are just moments away from seeing a bunch of rare animals and sailing on a real Catamaran..Will there be dolphins? Have you ever seen a free whale in nature?

Point of no return has just passed and the catamaran is moving away from the port.

Maybe you want to eat some delicious fruit from the free tropical bar on the first floor - or do you like cookies more?

From the seaside, some beaches look even more like paradise.

You will passby the following beaches during the next hours:

  • the public beach of Manuel Antonio
  • the very clean Punta Catedral Beach inside the National Park
  • the beautiful Beisanz Beach in the end

Together with a nature guide, the captain will show you a place 3 miles away from the beach of the national park where whales and dolphins can often be seen.

What will you feel, when this huge and majestic animals try to connect with you?
It is touching. It is breath taking. And it opens your heart to the beauty of nature.

Besides dolphins and whales, you will see a array of beautiful local rain forest flora and fauna.

Even though this place is a highlight for most guests, there is a second highlight at Beisanz Beach where the Catamaran will go and stop for 45-60 minutes depending on the season.

Now you can enjoy this amazing spot, connect with others or enjoy the water activities that will provide a lot of fun.

This is your chance to:

  • snorkeling with the equipment you get from the crew
  • jump into the water from the second floor of the Catamaran
  • take a ride on the slide into the ocean
  • anchor
    sunbathe on the trampoline net.
  • anchor
    enjoy the Jacuzzis
  • anchor
    or just connect with the other guests...

After that you will probably be hungry – time to have your lunch / dinner. The food is freshly made by a cook on board and for all diets (meat, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free).

Take your time and enjoy your delicious meal while the captain slowly rides the Catamaran along more places with rare animals.

The Catamaran will arrive  1.5 hours after lunch / dinner began at the port of Quepos and you will probably have taken a lot of very impressive pictures, but more importantly: you will carry all these experiences with you.

Do you understand now, why we call it the "all inclusive tour"?
Now, you only need to decide if you want the morning tour or the sunset tour in the afternoon?

It's up to you. It's that simple. 

Operation times and prices

Green Season (May - November)
Duration: ~4.5 hours
Start: 09.00 am

Summer Season (December - April)
Duration: ~3.5 hours
Start: 09:00 am & 02.00 pm (Sunset Tour)

... and what is the price?

The usual price is $100 per person. But if you reserve your spot now on this page or call us in the Welcome Center - we will offer you a 20% discount. You get all that with everything included for as little as $80 per person.

Children from 0 - 6 years are free.
Children from 7 - 10 pay $50.

Catamaran -
"All inclusive" Tour

here just $80

  • Catamaran Tour
  • all inclusive
  • incl. 20% discount

What do bring

  • swim suits and towel
  • sandals
  • sunblock
  • sun glasses
  • camera