Horse Back Riding

What if you could discover the tropical rainforest at the back of a horse?

After picking you up at your hotel, your bilingual guide will take you to the Ranch where your horses will be waiting for you.

There is no way to foster a deeper connection with the jungle than on the back of a horse

Feel the fresh air of the jungle with zero effort, have a lot of fun and take pictures of:

The wildlife, primary and secondary rain forest, toucans, butterflies and many other animals.

A lot of people enjoy the different and higher perspective from the saddle. From here your awareness is opened and you will see more than you would have seen from down on the ground.

After some time you recognize the magesty of your horse.

This relationship will get stronger and end in a friendship for sure.

So you can enjoy this for at least half a day or even a day, depending on your tour.

All 3 tours end under spectacular waterfalls where you can swim or just take a bath...

What tour fits to you?

Full day tour

We ride into the Cerro Nara Mountains through lush tropical rain forest with its splendid vistas and then we arrive at our incredible 300 foot waterfall, which is located on our private property.

Here we relax at our comfortable ranch which also has a sanitary restroom/changing room. Enjoy swimming, taking photos and discovering the beauties of nature.

General time frame:
3 hour horseback ride as well as recreation time at the waterfall.

Pick up time at your hotel:
7:40 am, you will get back around 2:00 pm.

This tour is suitable for experienced riders.

Half day tour with waterfall visit

Ride through the protected rain forest to a small secluded waterfall just a few miles from our ranch.

It is ideal for those who prefer less riding time with a visit to a small waterfall.

It will take us 1 hour to get there and  enjoy a refreshing swimming pool at its base.

General time frame:
2 hours horseback ride as well as recreation time at the waterfall 

Pick up time at your hotel:
7:40 am, you will get back around 12:30 pm

What's included?

  • Transportation to and from your hotel in Manuel Antonio-Quepos area.
  • Typical Costa Rican hot meals (breakfast, lunch). Dinner will be included on afternoon tours served with natural drinks.
  • Waterproof ponchos.

Half Day


  • Start: 07:40 am, End: 12:30 pm
  • 2 meals
  • pick up + drop off at your hotel

Full Day


  • Start: 07:40 am, End:
  • 2 meals
  • pick up + drop off at your hotel

Each horse carries a waterproof poncho in case of rain.

This tour is family friendly

Small children (less than 4 years old) can ride with their parent or guide as well.

Children over 5 years old will get small, tame horse that can be led, if desired by a mounted parent or guide as we ride.

...and even the horses are happy:

Because this ranch has many horses, they are never overworked 🙂


  • Long pants and sturdy shoes
  • Swim suit and a towel
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • angle-right
    Fresh change of clothes, if desired
  • angle-right
    Don´t forget your camera
  • angle-right
    Certain weight limits apply, ask for details