Night Jungle Tour

Did you know that most animals are active primarily or exclusively at night?

There is a rain forest ecosystem that belongs to the most important and impressive ones in Costa Rica.

It is called: The amazing 'Rainmaker Park'. This is where the reappearance of the harlequin frog was discovered and where international scientists are working.

So the question is...

Do you want to be here when most animals come out?

The Sun goes down.The animals come out. And a certified, bilingual guide walks you through this rain forest!
He even knows the places where the shyest animals are hiding...

The night walk takes about 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours. During the expedition you may see

  • bats
  • eye
    Jesus Christ lizards
  • eye
  • eye
  • eye
    wide varieties of frogs
  • eye
  • eye
    many interesting insects

We use special equipment to help you see at night and we give each of our customers two LED lights (one for your head and one for your hand) so each customer has a better appreciation for the activity!

Start Time:
05:10 pm

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Jungle Night Tour


  • 2.5 hrs tour
  • Costa Rican dinner and drinks
  • transportation to Rainmaker

What to bring?

  • Bug repellent
  • Your own lights if you want
  • camera
  • hiking shoes
  • plus
    long pants
  • plus
    bottle of water
  • plus