Manuel Antonio National Park:
"See more than 90% of the animals"

Manuel Antonio National Park is home for more than 280 species.

It is "one of the worlds most beautiful parks" (Forbes).
The animals live in its natural habitat and most of them do not fear humans!

Unfortunately you won't see most of them when you come here.


Most of the animals live at hidden places that change....

If you just come to the park you will probably see only between 5% - 20% of the selection what you could have seen that day!

Open Hours: 07:00 am - 04:00 pm, mondays: closed
"one of the world's most beautiful parks" (

90% and more are possible!

To get most out of Manuel Antonio National Park we highly recommend to get an official, bilingual ICT-certifed guide.

These guides have studied around 2 years hard to be able to show you between 90-100% of what is possible the day you arrive.

They know exactly where the animals are hiding, eating and sleeping right now!

And of course they know exactly which animals and plants are poisonous and which not!

You can ask them any and everything you want so that this little paradise can deeply touch you.

*be sure to get an ICT-certified guide as a lot of guides are non certified guides. 


How would you feel with a monkey jumping on your shoulder to play with you?

When you see a sloth caring for its baby in front of you, will a cold shiver run down your spine?

Here are just some of the "most wanted" species:

  • 2 types of slothes
  • 3 types of ​monkeys
  • a lot of birds, including parrots
  • snakes
  • lizars
  • frogs (like the red eye frog)
  • porcupines
  • agutis
  • butterflies
  • crabs
  • bats
  • coatis
  • yaguarundi
  • tucans

Your options

The best option is the community tour with an ICT-certified guide that takes 2 hours.

(Group size: 2-10 people)

You will end up at the beach inside park and can spend the rest of the day inside the park. 

From there you also can take some more trails by your self or just have a swim in the crystal clear water.

Reserve your tour + get a  $5 Discount  !

Our ICT-certified guides are quickly booked up.

Reserve your tour now online just by providing a $20 deposit now (pay the difference right at our office)
+ get additional a $5 online only discount on the next page right before checkout.

Community Tour

 $49  $54 
($20 deposit)

  • incl. 1 Day Ticket ($16) 
  • Tour with an  ICT-certified guide, 2 hours
  • see 90 - 100% of animals
  • check
    no risk guarantee
  • JetSki Tour, 2 hours
  • sea part + snorkeling

Bundle JetSki* 

 $185  $169
($40 deposit)

  • incl. 1 Day Ticket ($16) 
  • Tour with an ICT-certified guide, 2 hours
  • see 90 - 100% of animals
  • check
    no risk guarantee
  • JetSki Tour, 2 hours
  • check
    sea part + snorkeling

Only Ticket


  • incl. 1 Day Ticket ($16) 
  • ban
    Tour with an ICT-certified guide, 2 hours
  • ban
    see 90 - 100% of animals
  • no risk guarantee
  • ban
    JetSki Tour, 2 hours
  • sea part + snorkeling

*Did you know that a different part of the National Park is at the sea side and contains multiple islands?

If you want to see the sea part also you can save some money with the bundle of a 2 hour National Park tour in the morning and a 2 hour JetSki Tour with snorkeling in the (after-)noon above.


If you can't show up for any reason call us before your tour starts at +506 2777 9365 and we will give you a 100% refund! No questions asked.

about us

We are the Welcome Center of Manuel Antonio. 

The founder belongs to the top 5% with the most experience, exploring the park since more than 18 years! You can visit us or call us anytime at +506 2777 9365.

(keep in mind that the discounted prices are only available if you book here online now)

Meeting Point:
The Welcome Center 50 mts. before the Park

what to bring

You can not buy anything inside the park.
Besides comfortable shoes or flip flops, we recommend you take:

  • Water
  • lunch (fruit or a sandwich)
  • bikini / swimming trunks
  • Bug spray and/or sunblock
  • sun screen if you take the JetSki Tour

At the map:

Do you plan to arrive with a car?

You need to know that official looking people will go in the middle of the street and try to stop you and sell you parking lots around 1 mile (1-2km) before the official parking lot.

It happens that some deny the official parking lot and want you to park at their private lot.

If you want to park as near as possible to the national park and use the official parking lot, tell them thank you and keep driving! 

The official parking space is right in front of the Welcome Center and is 3000 Colones a day.